Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Some mornings really make you question whether or not you have the skills to be a parent. This was one of those mornings. Tyler was (and is) slipping into the same patterns that got him in trouble last year, and I refused to let it slide. It came to the point of physically removing him from the car in front of the school, locking the doors and driving away as he punched the passenger side window.

It's like taking a kid who knows how to swim and throwing him in the deep end, hoping to God you've motivated him enough to keep himself from drowning.

Hence the parental skill quandary. Grrrrrr.

I did have a fantastic evening with Raechelle last night, courtesy of Gavin & Michelle, who swooped in at the last minute to cover for the sitter who had to bail out. After wandering all over Fremont for twenty minutes, we finally found "parking". Walked to dinner at Blue C, then hoofed it to ToST (a comfy little dive) to watch Paul Benoit do a fantastic set. I talked to him afterward, and he's interested in licensing music for our film projects. We exchanged info, he comped me some CDs (I'd already bought his first one online), and Raechelle sat there amazed at my schmoozing superpower. "Magnetic," I think she said.

My girlfriend called me "magnetic". That's awesome.

Counseling with the kids today (and not a moment too soon), then we have Kayleigh's school open house tonight - and Raechelle is coming to that. Gee, I think she's getting to like our family, as weird as we are.

Or maybe it's just because I'm magnetic.


Kyle said...

Magnetic is a GREAT thing to be called. :)

TD said...

Amen to that!

Hey Kyle, if you're not familiar with Benoit's music, I highly recommend it.

Looking forward to working on some stuff with you too! :-)