Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Emerald City and Beyond

Once again, Real Life caught me by the ankles, turned me upside down and demanded my lunch money.  Many times over the past couple weeks I wistfully reached for my browser link to compose a blog post, only to have Real Life smack my hand away.  Real Life is a bully, but we must face him.

Brian Beardsley & Todd Downing show off copies of Mash Tun #1

So, Emerald City Comicon was a success all around.  The Airship Daedalus booth was on the side wall of Artist Alley, in the prime strip anchored by Mike Mignola.  Brian sold some original Daedalus pages, and for the first time I actually thought of marketing myself as a writer.  Ended up selling a few of my personal Red Dwarf RPG collection, which was nice (as well as some Ordinary Angels DVDs).  Steve & JD both did very well.  Landon and I shot a bunch of material for the con - mostly panels and events.  Raechelle minioned (verb: to minion), and the kids came down with friends, all on their own.  Rae actually has a more concise rundown of the weekend, which I highly recommend reading.

One of the cool things to come out of the con was the reaction to Mash Tun, Brian Meredith's pulp comic anthology magazine.  Airship Daedalus had five pages and got some momentum from that, and afterward we asked Brian if we could have ten ages in the next issue, and he said "sure!"  So I wrote a ten-page one-shot story, which Brian Beardsley roughed out for artist Ryan Potter to do the finished inks.  As with the twice-weekly strip, I will do the colors and lettering.

The day after Emerald City was over, Dan, Trish, Landon and I finally buttoned up the Ordinary Angels series pitch and sent it to Landon's contact at Fox.  There are more developments on that front, but I can't really say more at the moment.  Fingers crossed.

And I have Arrowflight: Northern Empires in layout.  It's gonna be a nice, hefty tome.