Monday, January 9, 2012

The Eagle Has Landed

And welcome to the first post of 2012.  Our New Year holiday was low-key and intimate, much like our Christmas (and the older I get, the better I feel about that).  We hung out at Dan & Trish's with some friends, and, since I was fighting a headache, I stuck to water and remained the DD for the evening.

The second draft of the Green Light screenplay is done, now we're really starting to hone the work.  We've shown it to a small, select handful of our filmmaking peers, and there is some buzz about it, which feels good.  Of course, writing even a fictional version of real events tends to dredge up some of that stuff, which knocked me emotionally off-kilter for a few days.  Now things are mostly back to normal...
"Must. Have. Coffee."
"Normal" being the occasional wake-up call at 3, 4 or (if I'm lucky) 5AM.  This morning it was 3.  I know when this happens, I can usually parlay it into some productive time while the rest of the household is still sleeping, but it still messes with my ideal schedule.

And today I realized that I used to be an incredibly sound sleeper.  Never really had a problem with 3AM awakenings until after Samantha died.  Go figure.  There's likely some hyper-vigilant sense being triggered. 

Not sure what I'm going to do about it yet.