Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Life of Its Own, Part 2

And, just like that, The Collectibles website goes live, the pilot is revealed, and the funding campaign begins.  Holy heck, that's a relief.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A Life if Its Own

Funny how Dan & I were just chatting about doing a project during the summer to keep our filmmaking chops up and stay relevant in the Seattle indie scene.  The Collectibles has begun to get traction.  The traction is turning into views on some of the promotional videos (like those below).  And the views are building a fan base.  This has led to a strategic alliance with Zombie Orpheus Entertainment and Ben Dobyns' Fan Supported brand to help maximize exposure.  Our local media sneak peek happens on Sunday, with the website and funding campaign going live on Monday the 26th.  Here are some of the recent teasers we've released:

Meanwhile, Brian Beardsley and I did some research and altered the Airship Daedalus publishing schedule to a Monday-Friday model to better reflect our readers' viewing habits.  We will have a table at Jet City Comic Show this coming Saturday, and a limited run of single issues for Chapters 1 & 2 of the Daedalus comic.

 Also meanwhile (meaning concurrently with the above activities), we cast the fall show for Twelfth Night Productions, a limited double feature of classic suspense radio programs for Halloween weekend done in the same format as It's a Wonderful Life last year.  Actors in period costume performing the plays on a stage set like a period radio studio with live sound effects and, in our case, live music on a 1929 Mighty Wurlitzer.

My favorite poster design in a long time!

So, as always, incredibly busy, but working on stuff I actually enjoy and creating business opportunities along the way.  Still honing and tweaking the Ordinary Angels pitch with my buddy in LA as well.  Back to that in a bit...