Monday, May 28, 2012

Episode 9: In the Bored Room

The three-part climax of the season continues, starting with death-by-PowerPoint!  We've all been in that meeting at least once (and some of us on a weekly or daily basis).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Episode 8: Hostile Takeover

For the last three episodes, we brought in some heavy hitters from Seattle's indie film scene.  Lisa Coronado was quick to sign on as Evil Hand (in fact, we'd written the role pretty much with her in mind), and the roles of Choking Hazard and Dr. Flaming Skull were given to two actors with whom I'd worked previously (and both traveling from different parts of the country).  When events conspired to take both gentlemen out of the picture at varying degrees of last-minute-ness, we had to cover our bases - and I daresay we came out far better than we could have hoped.

Josh Truax is a fixture in Seattle indie film.  I first became aware of his work through the West Seattle project The Divine Marigolds and Ali Mohsenian's Sequential Art, although he's been at it longer than that.  We asked him directly, and he accepted, bringing a delightfully frustrated quality and human dimension to a character that is on the surface not much more than a play on words.  Fantastic.

Paul Eenhoorn has likewise been a fixture of Seattle film, both commercial and indie.  He plays the patriarch of the Marigold family, and a host of other roles, from hit men to the mayor of Renton.  And as Dan Heinrich says, the man held a friggin' clinic every time the cameras rolled.  He embraced the ridiculous and made Dr. Flaming Skull into a far more paternal figure than we'd initially imagined.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Episode 7: How Does That Make You Feel?

For this episode, we called in our friend Devielle Johnson (whom you may have seen gracing your television set on any number of prime time shows - the dude is workin' it!) to play the narcissist "hero" Shrink Ray, who proceeds to reduce everyone at Power Posse HQ into a puddle of emotional goo (and Receiver for all the wrong reasons).

The show creators had fun playing other supers in the bar scene.  As in the On and On video, we shot at the Mop & Bucket, and got our old Nightcrawler Michael Fairbanks to portray Raoul the Time-Traveling Bartender.  If you watch closely, you'll see that just about every shot Michael is in he is wearing a hat from a different time period.

That's Raechelle in the trio of ladies in the back - the one in the long black wig.  I'm the big guy with the goggles, fedora and trench coat.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Episode 6: With Grrrl Power Comes Grrrl Responsibility

Episode 6 examines gender treatment in the workplace, as Vance introduces the latest applicants for the vacant team position, The Sisters of Might.  Played by two of my favorite actresses to work with, Trin Miller and Angela DiFiore, Mighty Girl and Brain Pan try to use sex appeal to help their case, while the female Power Posse members bristle at their mere presence.  In the end, victory goes to the Power Posse girls, who then prove as piggish as the guys had been when hunky Shrink Ray arrives for his interview.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Episode 5: Ninja, Please.

Episode 5 introduces Death-Wish's faithful (and annoyingly cute) sidekick, Ennui (played marvelously by Elizabeth Daruthayan).  It also includes guest performances by Ben Andrews (of Ordinary Angels) and Darlene Sellers.  Darlene reprises the role of Daisy, whom she plays in her own webseries, Chop Socky BOOMCSB just premiered, and I'm proud to help promote it, not just because I play the annoyed Director of Photography (aka DP Guy), but because Darlene is an amazing performer and collaborator, and our shows happened to share several cast and crewmembers.

Here are the first two episodes of Chop Socky BOOM.  Enjoy!