Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So I spent approximately all friggin' yesterday in the car. Or on the phone with my bank and my phone company. There has been a series of double-charges on my online bank statement (which I check every day), and now they are being ironed out and credited back. Still, frustrating to have to jump through hoops not of your making.

Then it was off in the car to (dear God, WHY??) Lynnwood to rent Kayleigh's clarinet for the school year. Then back through Ballard to pick up the check to cover said clarinet rental from Katherine's. Then home, then to the QFC to make a deposit and get cash for a piece of furniture I found on Craigslist. Was supposed to go pick it up last night, but it got too late.

[aside to audience]
Can I just say? The full moon has been wreaking a certain amount of havoc on the emotional state of those around me (and probably on myself), and I'm somewhat of an expert on havoc-wreaking. People are being generally bitchy and petulant. Yes, petulant. Look it up. And I'm not talking about hurricane survivors - dear God no. They all get a free pass, as far as I'm concerned. Y'all have earned the right to be all crankypants. Anyway, I just thought I'd say that I noticed.
[end aside]

Gotta run up to Queen Anne to pick up the aforementioned furniture, then up to Raechelle's for dinner and the Paul Benoit show at the ToST Lounge. Looking forward to some adult time out.

I think that's it for now. I may be attacked by a vicious nap at any moment.

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