Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Talk About a Throne Room

Mrs. Downing sent me this from work today.  It's an actual modern toilet, just made to look like a Renaissance era privy.  Talk about some serious period decor for your castle...

I joked that at the price tag of twelve grand, it should not only wipe and polish in back, it should be sure to give you a happy ending in front.  Too much to ask?  I think not.

And just why is my wife sending me photographs of vintage-looking expensive crappers?  It may have to do with the plan to build up next year, adding on a master suite.  And the girl needs to plan way in advance.  Reason #467.2 why I love her.

UPDATE:  This premise was apparently potent enough with the missus for her to do her own blog post on it.  Well, not "on" it...

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