Thursday, September 23, 2010

Back in the Saddle (or the Ink Well)

It's been a crazy year, but I'm finally starting to get my groove back.  It's probably not surprising that it's taken this long to recalibrate life, new house, new marriage, new projects, distractions of summer, etc.  And there's something about autumn that brings me back to a creatively balanced place - distinct from the vibe of any other season.  For me, autumn is perfectly encapsulated in David Sylvian's "September" from his 1987 album Secrets of the Beehive, which remains one of my all-time favorite albums in all of forever time.  Sorry for the overstatement.  I've been watching too many Larry Blamire films recently with my ocular face holes.

Speaking of Larry, I just picked up his two most recent films: The Lost Skeleton Returns Again and Dark and Stormy NightLost Skeleton is the sequel to the original The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, and takes us to the darkest unexplored reaches of the Amazon with the same core characters (or their twins) as well as a host of new ones.  Of the two, Dark and Stormy Night is by far my favorite.  The production value is quite high, and rivals Young Frankenstein as a genre parody, this time of the "spooky old house" mysteries of the 1930s.

The situation with Tyler has improved immensely, and that has led to a direct decrease in marital stress between Raechelle and myself.  It's been a couple very tense years and a lot of work, but we have a much better, more productive, more intuitive direction.  It's good.

We're in the last quarter of development work for the Ordinary Angels television series.  Our deadline is January 1st to have the full pitch and all related materials done.  I've been delving into a lot of research, and really finding some cool stuff to use.  Between OA and new Deep7 material, I'm getting a lot done.  It feels good.

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Anonymous said...

Sweet! Glad things are moving along in a better direction. Sending up prayers for a green light on OA!