Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So, Kickboxing is Out...

We attended our first kickboxing class tonight, and within the first 15 minutes of aerobic warm-up (during side-kicks, which makes me chuckle, because I think of Bruce Campbell as Coach Boomer in Sky High), my left knee popped out of joint.  Suddenly I remembered why I don't do impact aerobics, mostly because my knees have looked like this since the 8th grade.

As I wrapped my right foot around my left calf and extended both legs, popping the left knee back in place (a handy little maneuver that always produced a very audible pop and makes Raechelle shudder in horror), I was taken back to a scary time just before Sam died, when I was confronted with the fact that I was way over my ideal weight, and not doing anything to remedy it.  Fortunately I'm already in the active mindset - I just need to be... differently active.  Low impact aerobics: walking swimming, recumbent bike.  The stuff I was doing back in '05 and '06 and '07 that allowed me to slim down and not pop my friggin' knee out at the slightest provocation.

So, kickboxing is out.  Wii boxing is in.


Back to it, young man.


Lucy Leadskin said...

You could also add yoga to your regimen. Great for improving flexibility, and stretching always feels good, anyway. :)

TD said...

Specifically, I need to go back to strengthening the knee muscles by low-impact range-of-motion exercises: bicycling, swimming, and yes, yoga - all help tremendously.

kylestevensmusic said...

yikes! Wii Boxing is closer to the fridge for a nice refreshment anyways. Hope you're ok man!