Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Pulp

Last month when I went to check out my buddy Brian Meredith's new comic show, the aptly-named Jet City Comic Show, I chatted with another indie comics buddy, Brian Beardsley of Night Rail Press and Studio B Media.  We've known each other for about ten years, and have often chatted about collaborating.  This time, something clicked, eyes widened, plans were made.

The project is based on an old pulp property of mine from the late '80s.  Of course it had its origins as an RPG, but being pulp, it's perfectly suited for the comic book, podcast (radio serial) and web series (film serial) media.  Brian's character studies are already coming in, and I've written the opening 24-page salvo.  Our goal is to deliver a classic two-fisted pulp adventure serial, complete with evil occultist proto-Nazis, zeppelins, ape men and rocket zombies.

Meanwhile, Ordinary Angels series development continues apace.

Stay tuned...