Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Enormous Agenda

Yes, I said it.  I have an enormous agenda.  It woke me up early this morning, and it's kept me busy all day (as well as generating a large number of Facebook comments).

After pulling out of the holiday wreckage, I was finally able to get a meeting with my production peeps about three projects currently filling the queue: 1) The Duo Issue #0 shorts, 2) the Ordinary Angels series pitch, and 3) a bid on a PSA gig for a non-profit.

Results of said meeting:

1) Jessie has offered to have a cut of Chapter One ready to screen with his latest film next month.  We also strategized about how best to finish the last chapter, with Trish's impending labor (which will take Dan largely out of commission for actual face time on set).  The feature pitch is also being put in front of a local producer whose background is in corporate marketing.  We'll see what she has to say.

2) Still working on the basic plots for the first season episodes, and honing the pitch.  We've given ourselves a six-month deadline, then we're shopping that bitch.

3) Can't really talk too much about this, except to say that we don't have the gig yet, and we do have some strong concepts for it.

In other agenda-related news, I sent Gavin the manuscript for Arrowflight 2nd Edition (or AF2e) after tinkering with it for a week, altering the archaic DEEP system remnants to fall in line with XPG system procedures.  Steve Hartley has been working on new interior art, and the cover is coming right along.  After Gavin adds some material, I will take it back for more tinkering and formatting into playtest document form.

Hurray for a new year, an enormous agenda, and the will to work it!

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