Friday, January 8, 2010



Two blogs I've taken to recently are Badass of the Week, which features everyone from Stephen Colbert to The Kraken, and Woman: Uncensored, which is a very frank and outspoken blog about attachment parenting.  But, just as the blog author Rachele says, I feel like "attachment parenting" is just instinctive and common sense, and many of the so-called modern methods of childrearing are "detachment parenting".  Her posts on CIO (Cry It Out) and infant circumcision are particularly thought-provoking and use very effective perspective shifts to shake up old modes of thinking. 

So while one blog amuses my inner 16 year-old, the other fuels the passion of my outer parent.  Each is badass in its own way.  Enjoy.


Woman Uncensored said...

Holy crap, thanks for the shout out! What a compliment :-)

TD said...

Your blog deserves to be read, Rach. Just doing my part.