Tuesday, October 20, 2009

It's Not Brain Surgery

Or is it? The rewiring of the new house began Monday morning, and will continue (likely) all week. This is, for all intents and purposes, giving our 87-year-old house a brand new brain and nervous system in the form of all new wiring and a new 200-amp service.

As crazy as it looks from the pics, it's really less invasive than I would have thought, thanks mostly to the technique of fishing Romex cable through the attic and crawlspaces up and down wall studs - as opposed to opening up the original plaster-lath walls and having to patch them up later. They're going to run my surround sound wire as well, so my 7.1 audio will be up off the floor and not have surface wiring running everywhere.

The downstairs bathtub surround was installed the first week we were here, but because it bolts to the studs, they had to cut some drywall out and then tape and mud, prime and paint. It looks like now that portion is done. Tyler got a wall and door (whose frame is ridiculously out of square due to everything being built around an original mammoth weight-bearing floor beam), and the painter is finishing up the touch-ups today. Then the carpenter will rough in a counter top where the cabinets will go when they come in. And the new windows should come in at the end of next week.

All of this keeps us focused on the day-to-day, and doesn't allow us to obsess over wedding details, which I consider a real blessing in disguise.

I've been really distracted with the move and the moving in, which are two distinct things. Apologies for being tardy with some updates. Hopefully I will get back to a normal output when we're done with the whole wedding thing and get back from Hawaii.


Anonymous said...

Um, how's the insulation?


TD said...

Pretty standard for the age of the house. Which is to say, "not great". But better than the stupid aluminum windows.

Anonymous said...

Love the photos! Nice to see what is going on at your place. Brings back less than fond memories of my own remodel, years ago. Makes me not want to do that oh, ever again. Good luck!