Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Life's Checkpoints

From what I understand, you're not supposed to combine more than one Major Life Change in a single year, as it stresses the body (and presumably the mind), and can impact your immune system. So, the more Major Life Change in a small amount of time, the greater one's chances of getting ill.

And yes, we knew this before we started stringing Major Life Changes together like so many popcorn garlands on a Christmas tree. And of course, we decided to select the biggest Major Life Changes in the book, right behind Death of Family Member. Yes, Getting Married and Buying a Home are #2 and #3, and we're doing them simultaneously. Which means we're incredibly cocksure, or we've been secretly lobotomized.

The re-wire on the house is complete. I did the final walkthrough with the electrician today and gave him our punch list of little finishes I wanted to have, and he arranged to have a drywall guy come out and patch any access holes totally free of charge (which they normally don't handle, and aren't obligated to handle). So needless to say, I'm very pleased with the quality and customer service of Eagle Electric/Mister Sparky (serving the greater Seattle area).

In the midst of all of the wedding and home improvement hubub (which is not quite a fracas and way short of a hullaballoo), it's good to get some good news: the windows are getting installed two days early. That's like a 50-gallon barrel full of win. And Randy flies in today for a pre-wedding home improvement hootenanny (my GOD, I'm folksy today!). We saw Randy last summer on the Cali trip, and it will be good to get a week and a half to hang with my big bro.

TFMD had her bachelorette party last Saturday, which was (according to the girl herself) extremely fun and chock full of closure. She was kept safe by her good friends, and for that I'm extremely grateful.

We're now down to 10 days until the wedding. We continue to unpack and organize, to put up some last-minute Halloween decor, and to prepare for that next checkpoint.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad dad and I are sitting here in WV feeding a herd of deer every evening instead of being in Seattle stressing out with you and TFMD! I'd be in a looney bin by now! Have some fun and enjoy your visit with Randy and don't work him too hard!


Lucy Leadskin said...

Ya know, we're gonna be in the area on Thursday. You should call us for any help you need!