Thursday, October 15, 2009

Weirdness Akimbo

I guess that means it must be fall. Storms blowing in, red-orange leaves leaping to their deaths along the sidewalks, football... oh, and meeting the folks who bought the home you lived in for a decade and a half.

I say this, not because they read the blog, but because it's true: we met the ladies of the house and they're super nice people. I couldn't be happier with the folks who bought the place, and I wish them many happy years there.

Yet, as much as it gave me the warm fuzzies to meet the new owners, it was odd visiting the old place as just that - a visitor. It had been a day that began in conflict with the boy-child, continued in household organization and shopping, and ended with a trip to the smaller of the two storage units. By the time we got home, I was all kinds of done. Fortunately, I had a massage appointment, so that gave me a boost and realignment, and I was able to make dinner while TFMD succeeded in uncovering our dining table. So we were actually able to eat dinner at the dining table for the first time in our new home - what a concept!

Cuddled up and watched Father of the Bride (the Steve Martin remake), then crashed.

Things with the boy aren't much better, and that saps a lot of our energy, but we're doing the best we can and have plenty going on to distract us. The living space is pretty much livable, although there will be some storing of boxes in the attic and basement crawlspaces once the electricians are done with the rewire. Speaking of, I can't wait to have an exterior outlet so we can put up the lights and Halloween decor. This street really gets into it - several of our neighbors have graveyards on their front lawns and one has an infestation of giant spiders. It's all kinds of awesome.

I can't wait to see our block during Christmas...

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Lucy Leadskin said...

Hugs to all!

And there's a house in San Carlos that covered the roof with cobwebs and GIANT FUZZY SPIDERS.

It is full of awesome and win.