Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Ping

So last night, a reporter and the staff photographer (two of the remaining 20 staff of the old Seattle P-I now assigned to the online version) came out to the house to interview TFMD, the kids and myself. It was a bit surreal, reliving everything and basically taking a stranger on the tour of my house and the last five years of my life.

Rae's intent was to follow-up on the original P-I article and let people know how things had changed for the better for my family - a sort of epilogue and "thank you" to the community who propped us up when we were at our lowest. It ended up being that, and so much more.

Thanks for that, baby.

The week has been a mix of fatigue and joy, much work and a little play (like Wednesday evening's sessions of The T-Shirt Game and Apples to Apples with Raechelle & the kids). My grandmother is facing another surgery. And tomorrow kicks off the second Duo short shoot at Emerald City Comicon. Oh, and Sunday, I've been asked to shoot the full-band set of Kirby Krackle at ECC.

Tonight, however, while my fiancee is off having a birthday dinner with (and for) her Best Lady, I am going to go see The Underpants. Gotta support the Twelfth Night homeys.

Another stupidly busy weekend. I gotta knock this crap off.

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