Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's In The Can

Whenever I'm in post production, I'm reminded of the Bauhaus song "She's In Parties", which is all about the Hollywood filmmaking thing.

Freeze frame screen kiss
Hot heads under silent wigs

Fall guys tumble on the cutting room floor

Look-a-likes fall on the cutting room door

She's in parties

It's in the can

That being neither here nor there, I got Saturday's footage from Jessie and have started the edit. Using Brian Chase's original Dogfish track, "All The Same" (chopped way down) for the opening music. It punctuates the titles nicely.

The footage looks great, and it's easy to work with (once we transcoded it down from HD to 720 DV quality (it's a webisode, so we don't need to be mucking with HD just yet, although it's nice to have the raw footage in HD for any potential need down the road.

Here are some stills. I knew if I didn't post anything now, I wouldn't get a post up all day. And with that, back to the edit...

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Lucy Leadskin said...

Ooh - beautiful framing. I especially like the glasses close-up and the two shots of Our Hero and Random People in Door.