Monday, March 9, 2009

My Life in a Snow-Globe

Apparently, Mother Nature either didn't get the memo or chose to ignore it. Once again. And it's friggin' MARCH. Yet here we are, on March 9th, at friggin' sea level, with another snow flurry whipping through.

I didn't get a chance to see The Watchmen this last weekend. I wanted to take Tyler, but there was just no way, between him sounding like the seal house at the zoo and us with previous engagements on the calendar. We finally got to see Always... Patsy Cline at ACT. Good show with strong performances. And, six degrees of separation and all that, the drummer in the band is also the drummer for Trepan (whose vocalist is Kevin Schumacher), and one of the two women in the show is in Jet City Improv, and knows the Greenleaf family. And of course Don, the guitarist in the band (and the disc jockey in the play), is the big brother of Rae's ex. Small town, eh? Especially in the arts.

I'm keeping Tyler's bug at bay, but it may be a losing battle. Nobody is sleeping very well. Lots of changes in barometric pressure as we go from highs in the 50s to highs in the teens and 20s with snow flurries.

I got a rough cut done on the Duo short, then went back and tweaked for a 2nd draft. This week I will finalize the cut and get the audio sorted out. I now spot some holes in my direction that I'm kicking myself over. But that's why it's good to do these shorts as a practice run for the feature. Almost like a sports team watching game footage. Here's were we went wrong, now we can fix it.

I like the titles and music (thanks Brian Chase and Kyle Stevens), and the acting performances (when they're not being hampered by poor direction). As it is, I think it does the job. But I want to see it in sequence with the other shorts to gauge its full value.

I probably would never have found Stephen Rader's blog were it not for my sweetie. And I'm ever so thankful. For while she gets to ogle the pretty boys in his Fratboy Friday feature, I get some pretty cool comic book, film and pop culture commentary. One such noteworthy item is this comedy duo from Atlanta by way of NYC. BriTANick. Your mileage may vary, but I've always been a fan of absurdist comedy.

And with that, anon.


Lucy Leadskin said...

Big pink fluffy heart BriTANick! Geeks are smexxeh. :D

Stephen Rader said...

Being sick as a dog this past week kept me from my blog roll, so I'm just now catching up and wanted to say thanks for the shout out and your kind words.

And I'm so glad you love BriTANick. Their stuff is out of left field and I love it. :)