Monday, March 2, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

Ted Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) would have been 105 today. Just thought I'd mention it, in case some of you had forgotten how pivotal some of his work was to generations of kids.

The shoot went very well. We were in and out on schedule, completely dismantled Brian Beardsley's studio and used it to create Steve's fictitious workspace, then put it back. Everyone was great - they all did brilliant, professional work. We shot with an HVX rig direct to a Firestore drive, bypassing all the usual media (film, tape). That's the first time I've worked that way. It's kind of scary, but thrilling at the same time. It's the way I've been wanting to make films since I was 14. And what do ya know - the future is now.

Perhaps most importantly, the opening salvo of the Duo project has been fired.

DP Jessie Newman will be bringing me the footage tonight, so I need to get some hard drive housekeeping done, so that I can prep a folder system and be ready for 100GB of data.

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