Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's a Beautiful Day

To blatantly steal the title from this U2 song, I'm having a pretty friggin' good day.

Although we awoke at 3AM from a VERY sound slumber due to kids doing their noisy night owl impressions, and although the breakfast discussion was a bit tense before TFMD left for work, I made a mental promise to myself: nothing was going to come between me and my good day.

The first thing I found after logging into my email was a plea from TFMD saying that she'd left her wallet and cell phone at home, and promising [CONTENT REDACTED BY AUTHOR] if I would courier them out to her. Not being one to pass up [CONTENT REDACTED BY AUTHOR], I ran a couple local errands and then headed out to the workplace with her phone and wallet. And just to show the Universe just what kind of team player I am, I brought Rae a package of Double Chocolate Milanos to keep at work.

Yeah, I know this is making a lot of other guys look bad, but screw them. I'm all about the team effort. About being the best partner and father I can be.

Headed back to West Seattle (New Order blasting all the way), picked up my tax stuff and headed to the accountant. It's always like a mini family reunion when i walk in there. Stacie and Pete are like a pair of surrogate parents, making sure I'm doing well, staying healthy, asking about the kids and the impending wedding.

Walked into the QFC deli to see what the sushi counter looked like, and the gal made me a fresh order of cucumber rolls. Robin rang up my sushi and green tea, and asked why I hadn't had a sandwich there recently. "Are you eating better? Are you eating healthy?" she asked with a big smile. I love it when someone in a store or restaurant knows me well enough to remember my ordering habits, and ask after my health.

Now barely after 1PM, I still have some work in front of me, but I've been extremely productive today, and the vibe is good. It's very, very good. The kids are doing chores and getting along. Even the sun is trying to peek out from beyond the storm system that blew in overnight.

Gotta love days like this.