Monday, March 30, 2009

Weekend Update, And Then Some

It was a big weekend. Probably near overload. Which is probably why my TMJ is acting up and likely didn't help Rae's vertigo any.

Friday evening began with a short happy hour at Cafe Venus/Mars Bar. We rushed home to greet Trish, Dan and Raff, who brought supplies to make pasta primavera (and give Tyler a cooking lesson while he was at it). It turned out to be a late night for Dan & Trish, who have to kennel Gracie when they go out. But the food was really good. Unfortunately, the majority had voted for The Cooler, which, although having a sweet love story at its core, has a bit of "mobby" violence in it, and TFMD was not in the mood for that. I have to say, the violence in The Cooler is milder than that in either Freeway or True Romance, which we watched a couple weeks ago. But if you're not in the mood for it, you're not in the mood for it. It's always disappointing when one of my favorite films doesn't resonate with my woman, but maybe someday I can screen it for her again.

Saturday, we awoke at 6:30AM and got Kayleigh ready for her marching band outing to Tacoma to participate in the Daffodil Festival parade. I got her to school on time and ready to go, then I came home and crept back into bed. At 8:45, I received a tearful call from Kayleigh saying that the bus company had only sent one bus for 120 students, and so the music director had bagged out of the parade altogether, rather than letting some students go and keeping others home (the correct decision, in my opinion). So all our prep work and early rising was for naught, save a very upset girl, who went right back to bed as well.

TFMD then went to her yoga class, and I had a production meeting with Dan about the upcoming Duo short shoot - we're getting some insert shots at ECC next weekend. Midway through the meeting, I got a call from Rae, saying that she didn't feel very good after her yoga experience. I secured the wedding gift for Doug and Ann's reception, and returned home to get ready.

And what a party! My brother-in-law Doug got married to his fiancee Ann on the beach in San Diego during the prior week, and then collected family and friends at the Palace Ballroom in Seattle for a really wonderful reception. We got all gussied up - even Tyler. And TFMD got to wear her swanky new shoes. The menu was totally original and they even had Rock Band going for the kids. I'll add pics when they get here...

It was a good night, despite being called by ADT to let us know that once of our zones had been triggered and the cops had been called. We got home to find the house undisturbed, and that Elvis the cat had likely tripped the interior motion sensor. After I'd combed the house to be sure, everyone was allowed in and we set about the bedtime routine.

And here's where it gets hysterical.

You know, in every relationship, there are firsts. And although Sam & I got caught by some cops down at the Baylands while we were "parked" in my Oldsmobile when I was 17, I've never been caught by some cops while "parked" in my own home.

See, sometimes when a man and woman love each other very much, they get certain urges. And it's not like we incoporate circus acrobats, live chickens and pineapple upside-down cake into our adult time activities. So, while there were definitely some passionate goings-on, there was certainly nothing illegal happening (at least not illegal in Washington State). So imagine our surprise when we saw, through the half-closed window blinds, a couple of Seattle's finest, waving flashlights around the bedroom window as they poked through our back yard.

Apparently, the cops hadn't come and gone before we arrived home. They were just now getting there, an hour and forty-five minutes after the call went out from ADT. We quickly dressed and met them at the front door, assuring them all was well.

And then we went back to bed, trying desperately to come down off the adrenalin rush of being caught in flagrante delicto by the cops while in our own bedroom. We had to laugh. I mean, it’s a good thing we weren’t doing anything with PVC and/or sheep, because while Seattle cops have probably seen worse, I’m not sure I’d want to have to explain myself in that circumstance. I'm thinking a good term for the event would be porkus interruptus, just for the double-entendre alone.

Sunday morning was brunch at the Space Needle with Doug's folks, Kit, Doug & Ann, TFMD and the kids. Doug's parents don't get to see their grandkids very often, so when they do, it's usually a whirlwind of fun outings and a bit of spoilage (this time, from the Space Needle gift shop). Kayleigh left directly to go biking around Greenlake with Kit, and Rae & I dropped Tyler at home so that we could attend to some wedding registry stuff at Southcenter. By the time we got home, we were exhausted, so we collapsed for a bit. Around 5PM, Rae talked me into making cheese quesadillas for dinner, and we watched The Ice Harvest, which is a fun and somewhat obscure Harold Ramis noir thriller starring John Cusack.

About halfway through the movie, Rae started having tummy troubles, which lasted into the night. We hit the pillows hard.

I'm still a bit worn out this morning, but I'm committed to being productive (and my workstation has been fixed and is waiting to be picked up). And that's good, because the kids are home for Spring Break.

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