Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gearing Up

I always go into manic mode before a shoot, with good reason. I want to make sure everything is covered, all the prep-work done. Perhaps more stressful in this case, I'll be working with three actors and a DP I've not previously worked with, our audio guy has to leave early and my fiancée will be there to observe and assist.

Just a little pressure. And I haven't directed ANYTHING in a year. And I haven't directed a SHOOT since Ordinary Angels.

But, for whatever reason, I'm feeling good. Feeling empowered. Feeling competent. And just a few butterflies, which is good.

And honestly, although I've not worked with these folks before, they come highly recommended by folks I HAVE worked with, so there you go. I'm looking forward to shaking the rust of my directorial chops.

Had a visit from JD yesterday. We traded stories and music and generally touched base (and it was a good touching, really). Other than that, it was kind of a rough day. Lots of driving, lots of schedule shuffling, and lots of bureaucracy to deal with from the insurance provider regarding a doctor's appointment for one of the kids.

Went up to Ballard and had dinner with my stepmom, celebrating my dad's birthday (which is on Friday, but she's off to a friend's farm for lambing season). Got to see some recently unearthed video footage of her and dad in England and Sweden on their last trip out there in 2002. It was surreal.

Have I mentioned that I miss my dad?

By the time we got home and retired for the night, I was in a rotten mood for a whole celebrity cavalcade of reasons. That led to stomach issues all night and dreams of the nightmare variety. Not my best night ever.

Awoke this morning to the automated call from the school district, informing us that Seattle Schools were starting two hours late due to snow and ice on the roads. Sure enough, we had what I would call a "heavy dusting" of snow overnight, but it's all but gone now.

It wasn't until I got home from taking Kayleigh to school that I noticed my mobile phone was missing. I kept calling from the land line, but couldn't hear it anywhere in the house. I actually began to panic until I tried one last time and my stepmom picked up. I'd left it at her apartment when we went to dinner last night. Fortunately, I was meeting her and my mom and stepdad at University Village for lunch, and -- crisis averted -- I got my phone back. We talked about my folks' recent trip to California and Mom showed us some pics of old friends on her camera. And of course, we talked wedding. Lots and lots of wedding. Specifically, the rehearsal dinner and accomodations for the out-of-town set. It was nice to see them all and hang out over lunch.

Now I'm home and ready to do my shot list for Saturday. Might not check in until Sunday or Monday, as my focus is going to be elsewhere. Have a great weekend!


Dan Heinrich said...

You feel empowered and competent because you have a kick ass producer helping you through.

TD said...

Of course! :)