Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Plowin' Through

I guess I'm better under fire than I give myself credit for when facing down a week as packed as this. But here I am, checking off the to-do list and shuttling people and appointments all around. I feel a bit like The Colonel...

The shoot is this Saturday. I'm a bit nervous, but it's the good butterflies I always get before a shoot.

Rae's innards are apparently not to be worried about at this point in time, so that's nice. We dropped the kids at Tae Kwon Do yesterday and walked across the street to Prost! for a wee happy hour of our own. I had an Oktoberfest and TFMD had a V&T. It reminded us of the picture of our deoderants in the medicine cabinet. And of course of our actual relative dimensions.

Anyhoo, we're celebrating 9 months together today. Doesn't seem like a long time at all, but then again, so much has happened in such a short period. Craziness.

That's all I've got for now. Anon.

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