Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Music Makes It All Better

If you're my Facebook friend, you would have seen my status yesterday as Todd is facing Monday, without his spear and magic helmet. And thanks to my old theater buddy, actor & teacher Jon Burnett, for posting the entire libretto to What's Opera Doc? in comment form. You rock.

So yeah. Starting with getting the kids out the door, I felt very much like a Gaul going into battle skyclad. Yes, very confident in my abilities, thankyouverymuch (maybe a bit overconfident, even), but still, very... under-dressed.

Best quote of the morning:

It's not messy. It's just disorganized.

Anyway, things improved when I picked up TBGE at work and we joined my mom, stepdad, brother, SIL, and some friends of my folks for lunch at Siam on Lake Union. Loves me some Phad Thai. It was good to see my parental type units and I got a bag of homemade pumpkin muffins and English toffee out of the deal (TD for the win!). Then I got back home and was immediately hit with more drama of the variety which had consumed my morning. Urg.

So I was in almost full-on "grrr" mode when Raechelle got home from work. I had just returned from retrieving Tyler from my brother's home, and was anxious to get online with Hans & Ron and virtually kick some virtual ass in City of Heroes (something which hasn't happened in quite some time - I saw some of my toons haven't been played in almost a year).

I got online long enough to complete a couple missions while Raechelle changed clothes, unwound and got caught up on email and home stuff, then I set about heating up some leftovers for dinner. I was still semi-"grrr", so Raechelle kicked me out of the kitchen so she could supervise Kayleigh's cookie project, and I retreated to the office.

I don't know why I retreat to the office. It's where I spend most of my day anyway, so it's not really a retreat. But it has my music library and the Interwebs handy, so I guess it's more of a multi-purpose zone.

Soon enough, Raechelle came in, sat down at her desk, picked up her guitar and started playing. I joined in on mine. Next thing I knew, we were practicing. We assembled lyrics and began to piece together the basics of a set. The entire premise for meeting in the first place - playing music together - is finally happening.

And that makes me happy.

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Anonymous said...

"The entire premise for meeting in the first place - playing music together - is finally happening."


Nice sea-cow, I must say.

And said old theater buddy can kiss my pasty-white ass. She said, lovingly. :)