Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hump Day Bullets

  • I need to cut back on the morning coffee. Sure, it gets me out of bed and moving, but it also makes me jumpy and just a tad irritable. And when you're already irritable a lot of the time (see Successfully Parenting Teenagers While Maintaining Your Sanity (fiction), page 478*), more irritable ain't exactly a Good Thing (TM).
  • * The above-mentioned book does not, to my knowledge, exist. But if it did, I'd buy it.
  • Finally got a call from Tyler's old school psychiatrist, and the IEP is rolling. The psych evaluation is next week.
  • Got the family photo printed for the Xmas card list.
  • Xmas is actually a legitimate abbreviation stemming from the Greek Orthodox "Χριστος" ("Christos").
  • December's calendar is already packed a-plenty, and I'm trying to reserve time for the girl and/or just me. But that in turn fills the calendar even more.
  • Psyched to be working on Dan & Jessie's Fred Hutch PSA project. We shoot in January when Raechelle is gone in WV.
  • I'm looking at flights to WV so that I can meet Rae's family and help unpack for a few days.
  • Airfare is expensive, even with plummeting oil prices.
  • I've scheduled holiday themed films for the next two Pizza-Movie Fridays.
  • I wrote another two scenes for the OA series pilot yesterday, and have been an errand-running admin dynamo today.
  • Now I'm gonna go back to the family room sofa and ice my back again.


Anonymous said...

You're an interesting guy, Todd. Let me know how it goes with the screenwriting.

TD said...


I've checked out your blog - I love the fact that you're giving back to the artistic community with your mentorship.

I'd love to swap links if you do that sort of thing. :)


Lesley said...

Actually, there IS a book entitled "Now I Know Why Tigers Eat Their Young" upon raising teenagers.

All I can say is, having survived 3 so far, that sanity is possibly disposable when raising them. You need the ability to hallucinate, vividly, so you can continue imagining a future when they will be productive citizens and you will not find yourself (for instance) saying things such as "If I have to stop doing MY work to help you do YOUR work, guess who will inherit my unpaid student loans after I die?"