Sunday, November 30, 2008

'Tis the Season

Well, we did it.

We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for eight, and Friday morning, the tree went up. Not just the tree, but pine garlands, decorative candles, window stickies, and stockings. We stayed away from the malls on Black Friday, only venturing to our local Home Despot for some necessities (like a new garbage can), spending most of our time putting up the tree and decorating it. And of course, within 24 hours, Elvis had plucked down most of the plush ornaments we hang from the lower limbs and corralled them into the center of the tree skirt, which he then used to "tuck them in".

Saturday saw the kids at respective overnights, and Raechelle and I went up to Ballard for a nice quiet dinner, followed by Kyle Stevens at the Kiss Cafe. It's a cute little hole in the wall, serving 100 beers and a few different wines. Kyle put on his usual strong set, while Rae and I sat at the bar next to Kyle's sometimes writing partner and fellow singer-songwriter, TJ Sherrill. It was nice not to have to rush home.

Today was a leisurely day, culminating in Kayleigh, Raechelle and I joining Dan & Trish for Twilight at a quaint old theater in South Seattle. I won't go into what I thought about the movie, as I'm obviously not an 11 to 14yo girl and therefore had a lot of problems with the acting, story pacing, makeup, editing and direction that those in the target market wouldn't have had. We headed home and made dinner, watched some Family Guy, and headed to bed.

Except that I'm too restless and full of energy to sleep. So I decided maybe a weekend recap post was in order - blogging as a soporific.

Yeah, good luck with that.


TigereyeSal said...

Beatrix Potter said lettuces were soporific for rabbits; why shouldn't blogging be the equivalent for TD?

TD said...

And Beatrix Potter should know. About the rabbits, that is.

Dee said...

Is that your real Christmas tree...and fireplace...and cat?? It looks like a Christmas card! Very pretty!