Thursday, October 23, 2008

Get 'Er Done!

I am really ready for the week to be over. Not just be over, but die an agonizing death and explode into a fine pink mist.

I did sleep much better last night. Hit the pillow at 10:45, awoke at 6:30 (no late-night wake-ups!). Took Kayleigh to school, came home, crashed out from 7:30 to 9AM. Awoke to the chime of my doorbell. Decided not to play along, as at that hour it's a salesman of some kind: political, religious or manual labor. Well I've already voted, I already have a close, personal relationship with God, and I have no use for your non-licensed, non-bonded ass using power tools and ladders and gardening implements in my yard, thanks.

Had a shower. Paid some bills. Took Tyler to school. Brought sushi to Raechelle at work. Went to Display & Costume for some last-minute costume bits (look at me being all "last-minute" a full week before the party). Saw an ex at D&C. Strange, only because it was unexpected - we didn't even acknowledge each other. Just went on our respective Halloween shopping ways. As it should be.

Came home to find that yes, it had been a religion salesperson. There was a door flier courtesy of the JWs. Hallelujah, I missed 'em.

I have a truck reserved for the dump run on Saturday. Look at me being proactive. Now if I could just muster the energy to get some words out of the lock-box in my head and into the actual Ordinary Angels pilot script, things would be better.

We canceled the OA script meeting tonight. There's a lot of sickness, exhaustion and just plain overbooking going on in our little crowd. I'm so having a beer tonight. And I'm gonna try on my costume to make sure everything is good. And I'm making a promise to be extra kind to myself for the next two weeks. I've been hyperfocused on everybody else's needs (old programming and the natural parental state), that I've really neglected my own emotional beast.

Who knows? I might even get a soak in the jet tub or even (gasp!) get to sleep early.

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