Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sick Day

Bob Schneider was great. And what was even better was seeing Raechelle enjoy herself.

But due to several factors, I got zero sleep last night. Except for a weird dream where we were at the Bob show, but it was in this big indoor amphitheater which also sold CDs and giant, billboard-sized posters. Two long, semicircular stairways led from the seating below up to the exit. But some folks were climbing up the vertical poster display "slots" which ran up the back wall. Apparently it was a more direct route to the exit. And the edges of the glass slot fronts were strong enough to support one's weight as long as one was very careful not to apply lateral pressure. Some folks made it halfway and gave up. There were sheared off edges that indicated some had fallen. But Raechelle and I climbed carefully and silently, and we made it to the exit.

Anyway, aside from that, I got no sleep. Was dragging so much I couldn't even get the kids up for school, and called an executive sick day. I was supposed to sit on a Gilda's panel tonight, but just can't manage the energy. Which is probably a big relief for the girl, as she's booked every night this week, which only adds to the pre-move stress. So I suggested she stay in tonight and relax. Nothing would please me more than to see her for dinner and share some hugs and smooches, but I'd much rather wait and see her in a couple days if it means she's sane and happy to see me too.

That's love, man!

Took Tyler to his dentist appointment to get a couple fillings and some sealants, but that's all I could muster before returning home to the sofa. I'll chat with Rae tonight on the phone and we'll make a plan to not make any plans this weekend. Except organizing.

Hopefully I'll have more energy tomorrow.

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