Monday, September 22, 2008


I forgot to mention in Saturday's blog post that when they took my vitals at the doctor's office, my blood pressure was in the normal range and I weighed in at 247, which is 45lbs down from what I weighed at the time of Sam's death. Yeah, do the maths if you want, but I was 292. That sounds like a lot (and it is), but I carried it well on my 6'4" big-boned Highland frame. Regardless, I can feel a huge difference. 10 or 20 more pounds and I'll be in my perfect zone. And I'm gonna do it, not by re-joining my gym or doing any funky diets, but by maintaining healthy habits.

And maintaining healthy habits is a lot easier to do when one has a partner to help monitor stuff like that. I'll get back to that in a sec.

Saturday we curled up in our jammies and watched a couple movies. The Buffy the Vampire Slayer film, followed by Reign of Fire, which is an underrated post-apocalyptic fantasy with Christian Bale and an almost unrecognizable Matthew McConaughey. But not really up Rae's alley. Ah well. My record is still pretty good...

Sunday was a nice sleep-in, followed by organizing the dining room. Craft stuff: organized. Piles: gone through. Old dining chairs: out of there. We watched the Hawks beat the pants off the Rams. Apparently we should not wear our Hawks fan gear when watching from now on.

We showered and headed up to Ballard, stopped in at Archie McPhee to look for Kayleigh's party favors (and maybe some decor for our Halloween party). Then up to Rae's apartment so she could grab a few necessities. Then home. We put the kids to work with some chores while we beat the hell out of some chicken breasts and made schnitzels (like my dad loved to make, only with lime instead of lemon). Add steamed veggies and a side of mac & cheese, two kids and some festive tableware, and you've got an actual honest-to-God sit-down family dinner.

How cool is that?

Rae brought over season 1 of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and we caught the first episode before bedtime. It was a good finish to a good weekend.

Dinner plans tonight, and a busy week ahead. Back on track with both Duo and the OA series. I can feel my block lifting. It's a good feeling. It's nice to have a muse again.

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Mark Bruno said...

Schnitzel...yummmmm. Or rather the Italian counterpart, cotoletta alla milanese.