Saturday, September 20, 2008


One more smooch for the girl. Raechelle left work early to sit with me in the doctor's office while a readheaded Amazon irrigated my ear canal with a huge syringe of warm water and peroxide. After she'd flushed the gunk out, the nurse's assistant was able to detect signs of an infection of the ear canal - which is preferable to an infection of the inner ear.

Armed with antibacterial ear drops I get to use 4x to 5x per day, I left for home and Raechelle went back to her apartment to pack for the weekend. By the time Rae arrived and we'd shopped for french bread pizza makings and gotten into our PJs, we were exhausted - it had just been that kind of week. We watched The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys, one of my favorite little coming-of-age tales. Then we put in a few episodes of Freakazoid until it was late enough to justify going to bed.

Slept like a log until almost 9AM, then grabbed a quick latte before heading over to Dan & Trish's former apartment to help them load up the truck. Their new place is in South Seattle, almost directly across the Duwamish from us. It's a gorgeous townhouse on a quiet street, and I think they will be very happy there. On the way to the new place, we found ourselves in the middle of a police escort for three massive buses full of the St. Louis Rams, in town to play the Hawks tomorrow. Ordinarily I'd say something like "We're gonna kick your asses!", but not with the way our boys have been playing their season so far.

Came home and swapped some wet clothes for dry, then met DJ to look at three houses. The second one was almost a keeper, if not for the lack of a bedroom they listed was there. Otherwise beautiful and perfect for us. Just one bedroom short. We returned home (Tyler and I locking horns left and right), and Raechelle prepped to leave for her girls' game night in Covington, which she found out was canceled after she'd made it a few blocks away from home. We're pretty tuckered out from moving Dan & Trish, so I think we're gonna hole up in our jammies again (it's nice and rainy outside - perfect for that), have some wine and watch some movies. I might also have to sit in the jet tub... you know, for the ol' achey "moving" muscles.

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