Monday, September 22, 2008

...And They're OFF!

Monday didn't disappoint. Raechelle got off to work early, I got the kids to school on time, and that fortunately set the tone for the day. Any morning when I don't have a major battle with one of the kids is an achievement.

Got a bunch of busy work done, and crashed for a cat nap before Raechelle and her cousin Butch (husband of Tricia - I'll get all the players down*, I swear) came over. Katherine made dinner with the kids while I drove Rae & her guest downtown to Pike Place Market. We grabbed dinner at The Pike, and walked Butch around a bit. I think he likes our town.

We came back and showed him OA, which he thoroughly enjoyed, and the two of them headed back to Ballard. I have a Duo script conference tomorrow night, and seeing OA again has jump-started my creative impulse. I sense a return to the OA series pilot tomorrow.

*Speaking of players, Stanford beat SJSU on Saturday, bringing them to 2-2 nationally and 1-1 in their division. I would have liked to watch the game (as they are both hometown schools) along with a few others, but with moving Dan & Trish, that wasn't "in the cards" (get it? The Stanford Cardinals? "In the cards"? Sigh).

Before the kids and when they were very young, we could watch a couple games a day, or at least have them on in the background while we were being productive. Sam & I used to follow Stanford, Cal, and UW college ball, the 49ers, Raiders, and Seahawks (and Mariners, on the baseball side), and could spend a whole day in our PJs watching double-headers. The Olympics were sacrosanct. I could waste an entire day watching World Cup soccer or Irish hurling or lacrosse (anyone else feel a promo for The Ocho coming on?). But for the past several years, there has always been something to do, something to clean, some disaster to confront, somebody to care for, as much as we would have liked to just veg out in front of sports for an entire day (or weekend).

I long for the ability to just veg out in front of football for a whole day and not feel guilty about it. I freely admit it's old conditioning, and I'm working on overcoming it. Maybe Thanksgiving weekend. I'm sure Rae would be okay with that.

I can dream, can't I? Fer gawd sake, let me have my dream!

This is a bye week for the Hawks, and the weekend after that, they're in NY to face the Giants. Let's hope they can build up their 1-2 record a bit. We'll be in Port Townshend that weekend, but I'm sure it will be viewable/audible in some fashion. And I think I'll ask Rae to bring her TV over next weekend so I can watch the Stanford-UW game Saturday night while she and Kayleigh are girling it up with the birthday slumber party.

Tomorrow I have another doctor appointment, and then Wednesday Rae & I celebrate 4 months together. And on we go...

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