Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pink Vespa & Imperfection as Desirable

Two things, completely unrelated:

1) I just saw a fortysomething woman on a pink classic Vespa. With a pink helmet. And a matching pink leather Euro-style long motorcycle jacket. The all-pink Vespa lady. So that was awesome.

2) I had the option of spending slightly more on a brand new replacement ring from Ireland and waiting 5 days for arrival, or have the local jeweler insert a small... well... insert in the current ring, as the knotwork is too delicate to stretch up in size. Which would mean there would be a small break in the knotwork (which can easily be worn under the finger, palm-side). But it would be the original ring, and it would symbolize the fact that no relationship is perfect, and they take work. I kinda like that. Plus, it'll be ready for the weekend and I'm an impatient bastard.

No, wait. Three things:

3) Looks like we're going to California for a week in late August.


Ann said...

Ohhh - Pink Vespa Lady! How awesome is that?! I've always thought a Vespa would be cool but I think mine might be a pearly mint green :)

I fully support the Imperfection as Desirable theory! Somehow, that makes it all seem...perfect. With the imperfection. I know that sounds crazy but I think you catch my drift there. Perfectly imperfect - that's kinda how I see Doug & I, anyway. We're flawed but we're so right for each other on so many other levels that it just works.

Clearly, I need a margarita! Wish you were coming to Vegas with us but we'll catch up soon!

Lucy Leadskin said...

To love someone is to love imperfection. Can't remember who said it, but it's true. :D

You coming down our way? Give us a buzz!