Tuesday, July 15, 2008


It helps matters that it's not winter. Hard to stay down when you live in one of the most beautiful places on Earth and it's sunny and blue skies with a mild breeze and pixies dancing outside my office window...

Man, I gotta lay off the Absolut.

Actually, after being cooped up in the office most of the day, it felt good to go grocery shopping, make some dinner, kick back on the sofa with a beer and watch George Pal's The Time Machine with Kayleigh (who absolutely loved it, PSBTW). My inner concept artist loves loves LOVES the design of the time sled used in the film. It's a beautiful example of Victorian steampunk functional elegance. Beautiful.

We did make deviled eggs. As my British friends are so fond of saying, they rocked my bollocks. And if they aren't fond of saying it, they should be. Because it's cute and funny.

Tyler brought home a math test with a big red 100% on it. He's a sharp kid, that one. All kinds of awesome when he wants to be.

Had a nice long chat with Raechelle later, and that always works wonders. Having such a positive, profound relationship fall in your lap after being a certain way for so long can be a little freaky, and it's good we can communicate the little fears along the way, and address them together.

We negotiated a new Wiley custody arrangement at bedtime, and Kayleigh insisted on leafing through Sam's & my senior yearbooks. Not sure how I felt about her reading about all the girls writing suggestive and/or downright pornographic comments on the pages of my yearbook. She thought it was funny, but I was more in shock that anyone other than Sam was into me - although I was directly propositioned by no fewer than three girls during my senior year, so apparently I was a chick magnet without realizing it. Sigh. Young love. How blind I was. And so very into my girl (which I really don't see as a character flaw).

Been neglecting to mention the DVDs I've been crossing off my list as they come to me in their little red envelopes.

Saving Silverman
: Meh. Cute in places, but the story is just a showcase for dumb characters I don't care about. Amanda Peet's character was especially annoying and poorly written.

Film Geek
: Cute and worth seeing for its indie charm. Extra points for having a main character more annoyingly obsessed with film than even my most geeky friends. However, that also works to its detriment, as the character is sooooo socially retarded it's hard to have any sympathy for him. Add to that a potentially cool female character who ends up just being a shallow ho. Worth a DVD viewing for a "different" sort of film.

Spiderwick Chronicles: Got this more for Kayleigh, since she read the first book. Looked to be a fairly intense CGI romp, although I slept through most of it. Kayleigh enjoyed it. We got more bonding out of watching The Time Machine and joking about the blonde Eloi. And, dude - The Time Machine has Mr. French in it!

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