Monday, July 14, 2008


  • Got a hold of the health insurance rep with the county. He took some info, and is sending the applications. We're on the road to becoming insured again.
  • Got the grocery shopping done for the week. And I remembered to bring my huge canvas bag full of more canvas bags.
  • Spent the entire day either on the phone or in email exchanges.
  • Boiled the two-dozen extra eggs we had left over after Katherine's last visit. I made egg salad and had a couple hard boiled for lunch. We'll devil the rest.
  • Feeling overwhelmed and not in the most benign frame of mind. This, in direct contrast to my public persona. I'm thinking once we're insured again, some intensive one-on-one counseling would be a good idea. I left Gilda's because the group thing was no longer valuable, but have neglected the single therapy due to the fact that I systematically put my own needs aside when running my household, raising my kids and engaging in a relationship. And I need to not do that.
  • My left pinky-toe has been fractured and stubbed so often throughout my life that it has a tendency to spontaneously split the nail (regardless of contact with any foreign surface; the nail bed is just that damaged). So I have two halves of a toenail, both anchored to the nail bed, but also flapping about. I need to bandage it up and wait for the nail to grow out enough to pluck the bad half from the nail bed. Until then, it just hurts like a sumbitch. Amazing that often the tiniest wounds cause the greatest aggravation.
  • Right now, I would love to rent out my kids and go off to the Pacific coast for a few days to decompress alone. Split pinky-toe and all. Just rest and get my head in order.
  • Did I mention overwhelmed?
  • Trespassers William is not the best music to listen to when feeling dark and/or melancholy, but screw it - it's cathartic.
  • Boo hoo bitch whine moan groan.


TigereyeSal said...

Even the most sunny-natured among us sometimes have a cloudfall- this too shall pass, but get counselling, by all means.

TigereyeSal said...

That's meant to sound more supportive than that...