Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Olde Time Radio Show

Our production of It's a Wonderful Life opened last Friday, and the show has gone really well so far (despite the double indignity of whacking my skull on the control room door on my way to the stage on Sunday, followed immediately by my involuntary power slide from the second step onto the floor, knees first (of course).  The Wurlitzer is like a whole character unto itself, and doing my best Hugh-Beaumont-meets-Walter-Cronkite-meets-Orson-Welles while wearing a tie and sweater vest is really putting me back in the period.  My one complaint is that my jaw, which has not been naked in a good four years, is really cold right now.  And the stubble is really annoying between shaves.  Fortunately this weekend is the last three shows, and Friday morning should be the last razor-shave for some time.

Meanwhile, I'm editing the first world resource for Arrowflight, entitled Northern Empires; I'm outlining Ordinary Angels season 1 episode 4; and I'm coloring and lettering the Airship Daedalus comic strip.  It's going to be a busy new year...

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Anonymous said...

As much as you're resenting the shaving right now [and I'm resenting having to look at the result ;)], you'll SO miss this when it's over. You know it. I miss every show after closing regardless of how loudly I bitch about whatever indignity it produces while I'm living through it.

You know this well enough considering everything you've gone through, but I'm reminding you anyway: Love every moment...it'll be over WAY before you want it to be. xoxo