Friday, July 16, 2010

Back Into the Swing

And we're not talking about a big band jazz movement or an apparatus of childish amusement.  As Raechelle posted, we recently spent a week in West Virginia with her folks.  Although the actual travel was awful (my daughter apparently thought the sight of me crammed into a tiny Midwestern Airlines seat was both "pitiful" and "comical", but I assure you my back, neck and shoulders were not laughing one little bit), the visit was great.  I love my in-laws and I loved a week full of having zero requirements after the past month of kicking ass and taking names on the On And On video.

Just the same, I missed my boy and I missed my cats, and I missed not having to strain to breathe normally (temps in WV were in the 90s with high humidity).  The trip back was a bit easier on the back, whether from taller seat-backs or slightly more legroom. 

But from the moment we touched down in Seattle to the time of this writing, I kind of feel there's something amiss.  I can't put my finger on it, but I've had a "grrr" in my head since we arrived, and I'm working on pinpointing it.  It could be merely the shock of going from stressful to stress-free and back to stressful.  Dunno.

Things on the professional front are good, and even more promising now.  The video got over 5,000 hits in 5 days, and has been getting near universally good response.  Dan and Trish and I have partnered with a fourth collaborator on the Ordinary Angels series, to help hone our pitch and get our collective foot in the door.

I've also been capturing old college (and earlier) films to digital for archival purposes.  I might share some links here and on Facebook.  And of course there is the yard to tame.  Raechelle and I got to mowing this week, and today I replaced the trimmer line, edged the entire yard (front and back) and pruned a tree in the back which has been scraping the side of the house (and sounds downright creepy whenever there's a breeze).

So although my head is still not back to normal, life is... at least somewhat.  And I'll adapt and persevere, as always...

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