Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Rated xx

Those readers who used to follow Rhymes With Drowning know it was primarily my own therapy focusing on widowhood, cancer survival and single-fatherhood (dads represent, yo!).  And they also know that things had taken a corner (big time) when I switched to the aptly-named Life 2.0 (and the Blogspot URL I chose for it).  About once a week, I find myself fretting over the fact that I don't post as often as I used to.  But then I remind myself that things are comparatively great right now, and I don't currently have a lot of deeply personal soul-sharing to be put out into the Intarwebs.  Aside from the occasional family news or professional ramblings from the film and/or publishing arenas, I don't have a lot to report during any given week.

However, there is a whole lot of cool and a whole lot of crazy out there that I can share with my readers.  This blog is nothing if not eclectic.

To wit: a Facebook friend just turned me on to a band from England called The xx.  I'm always up for new music which is artistic and well-composed, and in my heart I will always be a West Coast alternative kid.  The xx pulls every single one of my musical triggers.
  • Alternative, check.
  • Male and female shared vocals, check.
  • Minimalist yet melodic compositions, check.
  • Distinctive bass work, check.
The xx remind me of the best bits of The Velvet Underground, Scanners and early New Order.  The music is hook-y without sacrificing artistic merit for the sake of a hit single.  It helps that they have good videos too.  Check this out:

I absolutely love the pacing of the edit as it repeats with subtle variations every 8 bars. And the payoff at the end is brilliant.

The xx is just one of a slew of recent bands taking a cue from 1980s alternative, which makes me very, very happy.

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