Friday, August 21, 2009

General Update

Summer is almost over. TFMD and I were watching one of the many HGTV programs we've become addicted to, and caught that great Staples back-to-school commercial. And we chuckled. It's funny 'cause it's true.

I also just moved my car insurance from GEICO. Screw the cavemen and the lizard and the creepy stack of money with the eyeballs. I'm actually saving money by moving to State Farm. And once TFMD and I are married and have the home and car policies together, we'll be saving a ton more.

We've been pretty frugal for the past week, getting ourselves into better habits. After meeting our cake lady yesterday afternoon, we chilled out at a restaurant bar in Ballard and had our first adult beverages in a week. We also had some happy hour nom-noms, which appeared not to agree with me, for by the end of my production meeting with Dan, I was feeling pretty nauseous. Came right home and fell into bed. Some Tums and HGTV later (have I mentioned we're addicted?) I felt a bit better. Really ready for the weekend.

This morning, I watched TFMD's ex's girlfriend's daughter for about half an hour while they sorted out schedules and carpools and doctor's appointments. That's right. My fiancee's ex's girlfriend's daughter. THAT'S how friggin' secure I am. Most of the time was spent dressing Kayleigh's Barbie dolls and harassing the cats with the laser pointer. Raechelle is extremely jealous of my (cat + laser = hilarity ensues) time with the 5yo darling. It was actually funny to see the juxtaposition of the little pixie with her insect book and her wide-eyed glee at Elvis running up a wall to catch a laser, and my almost 12yo tween stumbling up the stairs half asleep with bed head. Ah, they're fun at any age. And challenging. I'm constantly reminded of that.

We have some events on the social calendar this week, but nothing too hard core. Kayleigh's last weekend of The Music Man starts tonight, and The Woman and I are considering a trip to Southcenter to see if she can find any swimsuits for Kauai in November. We figure we need to get 'em now, on clearance, before the fall fashions come in.

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Anonymous said...

You mean there's actually someone besides me addicted to HGTV??? I probably watch that channel 90% of my TV viewing time! Love it.