Friday, May 8, 2009

What the --??

Wow, no birthday post? What the heck's going on there in Downingland?

Well, let's see...

Awoke on Wednesday to a prezzie from TFMD. Get your mind out of the gutter - it was the Fantastic Voyage DVD I'd had on my Amazon wish list for some time. And a wonderfully mushy card. I had a very busy day scheduled, and was all set to have a happy and productive birthday.

I started having stomach cramps and a migraine before I headed to Ballard for lunch at Ray's with my stepmom. Lunch was great, but on the way home I really started to hurt. Unfortunately I had two additional errands to run downtown, and by the time I got home, it was straight to the bathroom with a nice long book and plenty of matches.

TFMD got home and we discussed our options, since the plan to make fajitas was clearly not going to happen. We ended up ordering a pizza for her and the kids (I ended up having a couple pieces later - with some Sprite) and watching the new DVD. After the movie ended, it was time for me to go curl up in a ball and let sleep rescue me. Not at all what I'd hoped for my birthday, but at least the kids were fine, no major upsets, no tears, etc.

Thursday was kind of a catch-up day. Drove up to Lynnwood to pick up some items for Sunday's shoot, ended up getting taken to lunch by my good buddy Steve, who is going through a rough time after his dad's death. It was good to reconnect. Got home in time to catch up on some work before TFMD got home and had to take Kayleigh to tae kwon do. While they were gone, I made the fajitas that were on the menu Wednesday, and they met with approval from The Woman. I think my margaritas were a bit on the strong side, but I didn't get a big complaint there.

Things with Tyler got a bit tense last night, but we managed to diffuse the situation and everyone got a good, heavy, deep sleep. Tyler has a doctor's appointment today, and I have a bunch of graphics work to do in prep for Sunday. And then tonight, TFMD and I are going to the Collider CD release show downtown at the Showbox. I'm technically on the job, shooting Kyle's various performances as I have been doing recently, but it'll be good to have a date night with The Woman.

This weekend is packed. A trip to Costco for the shoot's craft services, birthday dinner at Duke's on Alki, and the shoot itself.

The fun just keeps rollin'...


Anonymous said...

Good to see you smile. Happy bday.

kylestevensmusic said...

Thank YOU and Rae so much for helping film tonight! You are a supportive friend and I truly appreciate the help you generously give. :)

go_go yubari said...

Happy Birthday, T-bone! Big hugs to "The Woman" and kids :-D