Friday, March 20, 2009

Trust the System

Yeah, not so much.

I may have mentioned that Sunday when I booted up my workstation, there was no boot. My workstation was bootless. Not even a pair of socks. Turns out the motherboard was fried. So I could pay $700+ and wait a week for a Dell replacement, or I could pay $800 for a new system to swap my drives and cards into immediately. No brainer, really. Although I really don't have the cash floating around (who does, these days?). But I have a tax refund coming and a refi in the works. And there's a fire settlement being worked out right now.

The bad news is, a lot of my apps have to be reinstalled. The good news is, my data is all there.

This has been a hell of a week. It's been a dent in my productivity, and a source of frustration and even a little depression. But the weekend is here, spring has sprung (no more snow, please), and I have my virtual toolkit back. Huzzah.

1 comment:

konradical said...

did you trouble deaf heaven with your bootless cries?

the cost/benefit ratio of the time you spend and the time you save with upgrades in hardware and software would really bum me out if I had time to tally it up. But the time I had alotted for that will be taken by obtaining & configuring a phone that performs the amazing feat of synchronizing with calendar and contacts without paying some manipulative bundled extra fee...agh, see what you started? My curmudgeon uncle who lives in rural Ohio without internet, cell phone or even answering machine seems more enlightened every year.