Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday and the Gay Salsa Explosion

As I just explained in a very detailed email to TFMD, I crack me up.

Had an awesome weekend with the family. After TFMD awoke on Monday morning, I took her to brunch at Easy Street, and then we did the week's grocery shopping. We moved very slowly, as it was apparent finishing a bottle of port after several drinks at the concert was probably not the best decision. We made a pact to watch each other's back and practice a bit more temperance in the future.

The kids are home all this week for mid-winter break. Despite this, I am getting work done. Finished the audition side for a character in the first Duo short, for which we are casting this week.

I was about to head off to get a shower when a friend pinged me in instant messenger, so I stayed for a short conversation. At one point, however, I got a bit peckish, so I went to grab some chips and salsa. We get this nice, fresh, chunky stuff from the cold case at the QFC. And it lives on the top shelf of the fridge. And when I went to grab it, it slipped out of my fingers, off the shelf and came down on the kitchen floor, splitting the bottom open and spattering salsa everywhere. It looked like a bizarre crime scene. It was on my sweats (from neck to ankle), on the underside of the fridge drawers, on the cabinets across the kitchen. I would love to see a ballistics report on this particular murder.

So, after spending the next ten minutes cleaning said crime scene, I returned to the office, where my friend was wondering what had happened to me. The conversation proceeded, with me apologizing for the delay and assuring my friend that a salsa explosion, which sounds like it should be FUN, strangely was not. My friend then expressed sympathy over the incident, using the term "gay" in the perjorative (which I neither use nor condone, but am totally guilty of uttering "boss", "rad" and "bitchin'" upon occasion, because developmentally I'm still in 7th grade). I then mused how "Gay Salsa Explosion" sounded like a cultural event in south Florida. Kinda like Carnival, only... not.



Sandi said...

oh I have totally done this before. I have even done it with strawberry jam. =/ That's one sticky situation.

Lucy Leadskin said...

Hey, didn't Gay Salsa Explosion open for Happy Clam Splatter?

Anonymous said...

When I get around to starting my own line of speciality foods, Gay Salsa Explosion will be one of the first.