Thursday, January 1, 2009

Here I Go

Welcome to 2009.

I awoke to a medical update on my grandmother, who is in the hospital for the second time since just before Christmas. Doctors thought they found the problem. Turns out they hadn't. Now she's looking at possible abdominal surgery.

This on top of dealing with more losses. A friend of the family, the husband of one of my mother's close friends, died yesterday morning - cancer claims another good one. And then just before I was supposed to take Kayleigh to her friend's house for New Year's Eve, she discovered the guinea pig James Brown dead in his cage. He was on his back, and there was a lot of blood around his mouth, paws and rectal area. Looked like a massive hemorrhage. He was five and a half years old, ancient for a guinea pig who had survived the St. Valentine's Day Fire of '06 and a broken pelvis. We buried him in the back yard next to the locust tree, where several other pets (over the course of the 14 years we've lived here) have been buried. We told stories and laughed and cried.

James was also the last pet link to Samantha. So that's kind of weighty for me right now. And no fiancee around for a hug.

Raechelle loaned Ruby to Heather while she's visiting Seattle, and she'll be dropping the car back today. We had a lovely coffee chat the other day - very nice to talk face-to-face after all of the virtual interactions.

After coffee with Heather, I had lunch with Steve Hartley at The Swell. We hadn't seen each other in over a month. Then Kayleigh went to a birthday party, then we went directly to a production meeting at Dan & Trish's for the Fred Hutch PSA. It was a non-stop day and I was exhausted.

I spent NYE with Dan & Trish, and for awhile we were joined by Amy and her date, Ricky. Played Apples to Apples. Got several texts and a couple drunk dials from friends. Raechelle & I had to make do with a sort of half-drunk phone call at her midnight, which was only 9PM my time. Started feeling a bit third-wheel-ish after our midnight, so I left my friends and headed home to bed.

I have some friends coming over tonight and Gavin & Michelle arriving to begin their stay. I fly out to WV in the early morning.

Depending on connectivity, I may not post again until after January 8th.


konradical said...

Happy New Year! some heavy events to deal with...but hope you have a good trip meeting your future in-laws.

Sandi said...

so sorry about the guinea pig. :( I can totally understand why that would be hard. And sorry about your grandmother and the loss of the family friend too. Hope your fiancee gets you that hug really soon!!