Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pimpin' the Homeys

John Portonova was hired on the Ordinary Angels shoot as a production assistant, and was soon given a battlefield promotion to assistant camera. He's since worked on some cool local projects, including Blank (with Darlene Sellers, co-producer of OA).


Raechelle often refers to her old crowd of friends as "the incestuous ball of goo" (hereafter, iBoG). It's a very apt description of the Seattle indie film scene as well.


Anyway, John has a production company and an entertaining web series called Adler & Zenith that is so worth checking out. He's really honing his craft as a writer and director (and, I might add, a pretty natural actor - there are some moments in Chocolate's Big Bash where I really found I was able to lose myself in the characters).

Nice work, John. Keep 'em coming.

Adler & Zenith, Episode 1: Bad Day from 47 North Productions on Vimeo.

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