Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Project Greenlight
Dec 11- Dec 20

This is it -- the perfect time to make those changes. No matter what they are, or what department of your life you're hoping to fix, it's all good. There. Now get busy and just do it. You can't hope for any better than this.

I did not make that up. First of all, let me say that on our first official date as a couple, Raechelle walked up to me at the Harvard Exit theater, kissed me, and said "green light". The term has become a catch phrase with us. Secondly, could that horoscope be more apropos considering the whole engagement thing?

This last weekend was all about being mushy, calling friends and family, and holing up with the kids while it proceeded to snow. Yesterday we found ourselves iced in. In fact, this morning is no better, but I have to get down to the Junction and get the kids to school (on the 2-hour late schedule). And I need to do it before Empire gets here with Tyler's new carpet! That's right, we broke down the loft bed and totally evacuated Tyler's bedroom. He spent last night on the pull-out sofa upstairs (with Elvis kitty for company).

Our street is still a skating rink. Raechelle got a ride in to work with another local (she wasn't about to miss another day of showing off the ring work). Now I get to see if I can find the snow chains for Ruby.


Stay warm out there.

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Ann said...

It's all about showing off the ring! And from what I can see in the pictures here it's positively lovely! :)