Friday, November 21, 2008


That stands for Thank God It's (Finally) Friday.

It's been a long, busy, exhausting week. So far, I've been able to keep the tickle at the back of my throat at bay, but last night I got really congested around bedtime. It was nice to hole up with the girl and watch Thursday night TV in bed, regardless of my snottiness. I think I kept the disgusting-factor to a minimum. Neither one of us got much sleep, as we had middle-of-the-night kid issues. But we pushed through, and Rae managed to get off to work more or less on time, and I got both kids off to school. Well, to be fair, Tyler got himself on Metro and was out of the house shortly after 7AM.

I got a couple scenes written for the Ordinary Angels pilot, and we had Dan & Trish over for a script meeting last night. The concepts are quickly solidifying, and for the first time in the process, I'm really seeing the finished item. It's not writing-by-committee, but Dan, Trish and Raechelle all toss out ideas and we bat them around. Then I can take them or not. It's a huge help in getting me past all the little blocks that have held me up over the course of writing this thing.

I'm in full-on writing mode today, which will make movie night all the more rewarding. We've got a few things going on this weekend: the wedding, the Hawks/Skins game, and a photo reshoot with Ron. Other than that, just more cleaning and organizing. Thanks to Ryan for the 1x4 solution to my closet rod dilemma. It shall be done.

I'll leave you with the coolest little viral video I've seen in some time. Even if you've never played Guitar Hero, you've got to admire the creativity and painstaking prep work this had to take (and how many times did they have to do it to get it perfect?).

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