Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Quick and the Bullets

Just a brief mid-week update, bullet-style.

  • I'm doing well, but tired and fighting a respiratory bug.
  • Got a bunch done on the OA pilot script yesterday, plus some tidying up on it today.
  • I have an OA script meeting tonight, and am very happy to have something new to show Dan & Trish.
  • Rae has been living here for two weeks, and we haven't killed each other yet (although we did have a casualty in the form of one closet clothes rod).
  • What's more, things are feeling much more stable and balanced.
  • The kids are adjusting to her presence quite well (as I knew they would).
  • Friday movie night is back on this week, with some comedy on the bill.
  • Rae's friend's wedding is Saturday evening, so another opportunity to get gussied up.
  • The week has finally caught up to me. Time for a nap.
  • Zzzzzzz.

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