Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Proud American

I don't know when I've felt this kind of pride (if ever) in my country. Not everybody likes it, and really, not everybody has to. History was made, and a lot of people's faith in the process was redeemed. This is a 232-year-old promise fulfilled.

As I sat watching the acceptance speech with misty eyes, Raechelle turned to me, equally misty, and said to me, "I'm so excited for Tyler and Kayleigh, to grow up having hope and pride in their country." As one who has traveled abroad in the last eight years, I had to agree.

I don't know if the enormity of the situation has really sunk in. It may be days yet. But I'm breathing a big sigh of relief that the election cycle is over, and it was enough of an electoral landslide that Obama's victory is not in doubt in any way.

Yes, things are still tough, and yes, the country has a long, hard slog out of a deep hole. I don't think anyone is delusional enough to believe that electing Obama will be a panacea. But it's one hell of a positive step. The people have spoken - let's do this.


Mark Bruno said...

Just listen to the sound of it.

President Obama.

I said to Lydia last night that I felt like I did on 9/11 -- but in a good way. The same sense of history unfolding before our eyes, the sense that the world has just changed perceptibly...but for positive, glorious reasons.

kylestevensmusic said...

Let's do this indeed.

Gavin said...

Yes, we can.