Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Bro

I just took Gavin to lunch at the Swell for his birthday (which was last week, but apparently he was "too busy" to let his big brother take him out for pub food). Speaking of pub food, my friend Mark was working the kitchen today, and came out to recommend the special, a steak melt (using a new marinade). Fair enough. Two steak melts, please.


We had a great conversation and caught up on a few things, which was really nice. The cool thing about a brother is that you may not see each other all that often, but when you do, you're back to wanting to yell at him to get out of your room... Er, I mean, you're back to hugs and chuckles.

Happy Birthday again, Gavin. And thanks for all you've done (and continue to do).

P.S. Can you tell who Gavin voted for from the pic above?

1 comment:

Gavin said...

It should be very clear that my candidate lost yesterday. Obviously.

I'd been hoping for Jean Rietschel in Superior Court position 37.

...oh, did you mean for President?