Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend Update

Friday night was some Simpsons Halloween hilarity, followed by Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow. Mmmmm. Halloweeny.

So the thing about not planning anything social all weekend means you actually get a lot more done. This weekend, that included cleaning and shoveling out my carport to the extent that Ruby now has a covered place to park.

We did such an admittedly excellent job on the carport that when Kayleigh went to Gavin's for their Star Wars RPG (Tyler had already spent the night there), I took the Little Woman (hey, I can say that - she's teeny) to dinner at Cactus on Alki. And who should be hostessing at the front, but Alyssa - my Ordinary Angels hair & makeup gal (and erstwhile stagehand).

After a yummy dinner, we headed back to the house and spent about an hour and a half practicing some songs for an acoustic set. The songs we worked on were all covers, but we have originals stashed away which will be surfacing at some point. It was good to sit down and work the tunes together. That was the original premise for our first meeting, and we finally did it... five months later (happy five month anniversary, by the way).

Then we retired with a bottle of wine to watch Kinky Boots, a funny little film about a doomed shoe factory and a line of boots for big, burly drag queens. And it has The Operative from Serenity in the transvestite lead.

Much clinging and cuddling this weekend. It was nice. Gavin brought the kids home about 11PM, and K watched the first part of SNL with us, then it was crash time.

Sunday was all about the Halloween shopping (after a birthday coffee chat with Ron). We spent several hours at Southcenter. Fortunately most of what we needed was in a couple of the side malls away from the main shopping center. Whew.

Came home with last-minute costume bits and decorations for Saturday, some pumpkins to carve and some hair color for the girls. Kayleigh went with a strawberry red for her Willow persona, while Raechelle went dark blood red to highlight her brunette tresses. They both look fantastic.

Raechelle cooked up some ravioli and sauce, and Tyler handled the garlic bread (yummy!). We all sat down and had dinner together, followed by a couple Buffy episodes, and bedtime.

It was a good, productive, calm and nurturing weekend, after a week of stress in T-Rae Land. I daresay neither one of us wanted it to be over. I'm keeping a vigilant eye on the calendar to make sure neither one of us overbooks for the next couple weeks. We both need to be good to ourselves and allow plenty of calm alone time in our respective spaces before the move.

We now return you to your week, already in progress.

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