Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quickie for Tuesday

Had a massage yesterday. Good times. Finally got Tyler to go with me to Target and pick out some clothes he'll wear. Had a good evening with the kids and an episode of Buffy.

Had a long, hot shower to relax at bedtime, slept right through to my alarm at 6:30 this morning. Ran errands, took TBGE to lunch, took Tyler to his therapist, took Kayleigh on a Goodwill run (dropping off, not accumulating). Now all the stuff from the carport that was on my front porch is gone. Result!

We dropped by the deli on the way home, so it'll be dinner and more Buffy tonight. That Angel can be a real bastard when he doesn't have a soul. And stop slouching, ya stoopid vampire!

I'm done driving for the day, thanks. My feet hurt. And my right bicep has been in spasm for the past 48 hours - pretty annoying. Waaaaa, cry, bitch, whine, moan. Okay, I'm done. Delicious deli food is calling my tummy to its nefarious service.

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